Your donation will help us in our mission to provide a continuum of services, in a single location, to help people to survive through crisis, move forward into stabilization and ultimately to thrive in a return to self-sufficiency while helping our community to make homelessness rare, short-lived and non-recurring.

  1. Make a financial donation

  2. Donate non perishable food, gear, office supplies, hygiene items, and essential outerwear

  3. Donate a vehicle (Scroll to the bottom of this page for more details)

  4. Wedding Registry

  5. Estate Planning/Legacy Gifts

Make a Financial Donation ↓

The Murphy Center for Hope is a community driven collaborative effort to provide a single location where a wide array of agencies come together to provide resources and programs to help people stabilize their lives and regain self sufficiency. To be successful, the Murphy Center relies on the kindness and generosity of many supporters and community stakeholders. We are grateful for any support you can provide – no gift is too small. Your help will have a direct impact on the lives of those served by the Murphy Center.

It has been estimated that each chronically homeless individual costs our community more than $25,000 annually in services provided.  For every $10 donation received, the Murphy Center is able to provide one guest an array of services and programs each day.  Any given visit to the Murphy Center could be the breakthrough for any of our 3,000 guests (un-duplicated annual individuals) to receive the help they need for securing employment, housing or assistance with any of the other obstacles blocking their path back to self-sufficiency.

Help to facilitate services like these: (typical annual results)

  • 40,000 guest visits
  • 150 guests assisted to securing employment (Hand Up Program)
  • Mail service for 850 guests
  • 1,100+ guests utilized the MC for Morning Day Services
  • 200 guest lockers
  • 462 Benefit applications completed and submitted (Dedicated Navigators)
  • 7,000 guest showers
  • $100,000+ in housing rent assistance distributed (Neighbor to Neighbor)
  • 1,100 loads of guest laundry
  • 300+ guests received mental health and substance abuse counseling (SummitStone)

How to Donate

Click Here to Donate Online

2. Send a check to:

Murphy Center for Hope
PO Box 873
Fort Collins, CO 80522-0873

Every donation is important to the Murphy Center and those we serve and we are very appreciative of all of the wonderful people, groups, businesses, foundations and others that donate financially.

Donate Food, Hygiene & Cleaning Items, Office Supplies, Outdoor Gear, Essential Outwear Items & Common Household Items: ↓

We welcome and very much appreciate donations of various supplies.  Your donated items will immediately benefit the facility and the people we serve.  For a complete with list of items that are essential to the Murphy Center and our guests please Click Here For Wish List

Please note:

  • The Murphy Center is unable to receive donations on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Donations are accepted Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • Please do not leave donations outside the facility.
  • For questions about other in-kind donations, please contact:

Matt Goering
Product Manager (Product Donation Inquiries)
(970) 829-1151

Donate your car, boat or other vehicle today!  Your car donation will make a difference!

We partner with a company called Donate for Charity, that creates and manages donation programs that enables donors to make a significant contribution to their favorite nonprofit through an easy process, guided by experts in the auto donation industry.  Everything you need to make your vehicle donation can be found on their website:  Donate Your Vehicle Today.

When you feel comfortable with the process and are ready to make your donation you can use this like to go directly to a vehicle donation form specifically set up with the Murphy Center’s information included in it:  Donate Your Vehicle To Benefit The Murphy Center Here!

The Process:

  • Donor wants to contribute a vehicle
  • Donor calls Donate For Charity at 1-866-392-4483 or visit to give vehicle and pick-up information.
  • Donate For Charity has the tower call within 24 hours to arrange pick up of vehicle. Pick up usually occurs within 24-72 hours of tower contact with donor.
  • Donate For Charity mails initial donation acceptance letter to donor.
  • Vehicle is towed to auction site or is picked up by a salvage company for parts.
  • Vehicle is sold for a value and the net amount is paid to Donate For Charity after deductions from the auction or salvage yard.
  • Donor receives their final receipt for the gross selling price, to be filed with their tax return for the year in which the donation occurred.
  • Non profit receives a net check approximately three weeks after the auction or pick up from the salvage company.

Please Specify the Murphy Center as the charity and your donation will be used to support the Murphy Center.  Also, please let us know that you have initiated the process of donating your vehicle so that we can track your donation.  Email

With the tax year coming to an end… you’ll find this nationwide car donation program maximizes both the size of your charity contribution and the amount of your tax deduction. They achieve both goals by consistently providing the nation’s best charity payment percentage plan and negotiating the highest possible car sale prices. Their complete car donation program solution and total dedication to customer service ensure the best possible experience for both the nonprofit clients and their donors.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness!

The Murphy Center is a Homeward Alliance Community Initiative and as such is the fiscal sponsor of any donation received by the Murphy Center.  Please see the document below for verification of Homeward Alliance’s 501c3 Non Profit Designation:

501C3 IRS Designation Letter