What is the Murphy Center?
The Murphy Center is designed to be a “One Stop Shop” for services for families and individuals who are experiencing or in jeopardy of homelessness.  Resource Specialists connect guests with local agencies providing community resources on site.  Services available include employment resources; housing assistance; financial counseling; transportation assistance; job training and educational opportunities; mental health and substance abuse counseling; phone and computer access for employment contacts; washer/dryer, showers and storage facilities; and play areas for children.

Who does the Murphy Center serve?
Women, men and children of all ages, who are homeless or near homeless.

Why do you refer to people at the Murphy Center as “guests?”
At the Murphy Center we refer to the people coming for assistance as “guests.” We believe that it is important for each person who walks through our doors to be treated with the same dignity and respect that a guest coming into our homes would receive. By referring to those we serve as guests we hope that it will be a signal to them that they are somewhere safe where they are cared for and to the staff we hope it is a constant reminder to strive to live up to the example of unconditional compassion that Sister Mary Alice has set for us.

Is the Murphy Center a homeless shelter?
No, it is not a shelter. We do work very closely with the Catholic Charities shelter and the Fort Collins Rescue Mission, the two overnight shelters operating in Fort Collins.

How many people does the Murphy Center serve each day?
We see an average of 160 people per day.

How is the Murphy Center funded?
Funding comes from a wide variety of supporters including grants, foundations, City of Fort Collins & Loveland, faith based and non-faith based organizations, fundraising events and private individuals.  The stakeholders make the programs and services possible with their financial and in-kind support. Please see the “Business and Community Partners” section for a list of our major supporters.

What can I do to help the Murphy Center?
Please see the tab on top for “How to Help.” There is a wish list of items needed, information on volunteering and information on making a financial donation.

Is the Murphy Center a Catholic Organization?
It is not a Catholic organization, but its namesake, Sister Mary Alice Murphy, is a Catholic nun who has created numerous programs in the community to serve those in our community who are less fortunate and in need of assistance.

If you have questions about the services at the Murphy Center, please go to the “Our Services” tab at the top of this page.