“The transition from homelessness to stability is incredibly difficult and seems impossible. The Murphy Center gave my family hope.” – Corrina and Matt

In 2019, more than 222 Murphy Center guests escaped homelessness. Click to read our 2019 Homeward Alliance Year in Review.

At the Murphy Center, We Serve Three Primary Roles in the Community.

  • We are the hub of services for people who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness in Larimer County
  • We provide core, human services that help people meet basic health and hygiene needs
  • We are a key source of actionable data for the community, and use that data to develop agency and community strategies to solve homelessness

We Partner with Countless Agencies to Support Thousands of People and Families.

  • 20 independent agencies under one roof
  • 40 on-site services (connections to housing, employment assistance, behavioral health services, homelessness prevention, health screenings and more)
  • 40,000 guest visits each year
  • 3,000 unduplicated individuals served each year
  • Mail service for more than 1,200 guests
  • 200 lockers for nearly 700 guests
  • 8,300 showers each year
  • 1,800 loads of laundry each year
  • 450-plus transactions in the Gear Room each month

We Host Independent Agencies Under One Roof to Do What They Do Best – Offer Services.

The Murphy Center brings together people who seek resources and the agencies that are in place to support them. For example, in 2018:

  • Homeward Alliance’s Hand Up program helped secure nearly 230 jobs
  • Neighbor to Neighbor’s Housing Assistance program served over 1,000 households with more than $125,000 in Emergency Rent, First Month’s Rent and Security Deposit assistance
  • Homeward Alliance’s One Village One Family program helped ten families, including 26 children, escape homelessness

We Engage Volunteers in All of Our Efforts.

  • More than 1,000 volunteers per year
  • 17,000 volunteer hours per year
  • Our volunteers represent the equivalent of eight full-time staff persons (thank you, volunteers!)