Murphy Center Programs & Services  Outcomes & Statistics

The Murphy Center has over 3,300 guest visits per month, 43,731 guest visits per year and works with over 3,170 unduplicated men and women each year.  Originally envisioned to serve 30-40 guests per day when opened in 2009, the Murphy Center now serves more than 160 guests per day.  Here is an excerpt from one of these guests:

“Homeward Alliance at the Murphy Center was a godsend. We were able to find and maintain stable employment with the help of Homeward Alliance and they helped provide basic work needs such as work boots and tools. One year ago my husband and I couldn’t even afford food, let alone a roof over our head. When I became pregnant we went to the Murphy center for help. Since then we have both maintained full time employment and with the help of Homeward Alliance we were able to move into an apartment. The Murphy Center has helped tremendously in providing for our son. The transition from homelessness to stability is incredibly difficult and seems impossible. The Murphy Center gave my family hope. Homeward Alliance in particular made stability a reality for us.  Thank you for continuing to help people out of homelessness.” – Corrina and Matt W.

The Murphy Center serves five main roles in our community:


  • Provides the infrastructure for and facilitates a single location for more than 3,100 individuals (including families/children) to efficiently access a wide array of services


  • Provides Core Human Services, with more than 40,000 guest interactions each year to address day to day needs (showers, laundry, lockers, computers, phones, food, survival supplies and more)


  • Serves as morning day shelter for more than 125 guests each day providing a continental breakfast, coffee, a warm and safe environment and the opportunity to prepare for the day’s activities.


  • Facilitates the Housing First Initiative (HFI): Launched in July of 2017 and in partnership with Homeward 2020, the City of Fort Collins, and multiple community stakeholders, HFI is a case management program for highly vulnerable individuals and a data-collection tool for the City.


  • The MC is open from November through April as a Warming & Service Center with extended hours until 10 PM.  This allows us to accommodate people who are working or simply unable to make it to the MC during daytime hours.  While all services will not be available during those extended hours, we will be able to provide case management services, schedule appointments, and provide many services that would have been previously unavailable to this subset of our population.


Murphy Center Core Services 2018:

The Murphy Center provides or facilitates 10 core services in addition to the wide array of 40 programs and services offered by our 4 partner council agencies and 16 participating agencies.  Estimates of these services include:

  1. Mail:  1,239 guests depend on the MC to receive their benefit checks, employment and housing related paperwork and other important day to day correspondence.
  2. Lockers:  200 lockers store guest’s most valuable possessions.
  3. Showers:  8,349 guest showers annually.
  4. Laundry:  Over 1,870 loads of guest laundry annually.
  5. Computers & Wi-Fi:  5 computers help guests with job and apartment searches, email, and other daily necessities.
  6. Food Pantry:  3 food programs including morning day service breakfast meals, “take away” meals, and family food boxes.  93,329 total meals distributed.
  7. Telephones/Long Distance Calling:  Helps our guests to stay connected to employers, family, housing prospects, and agencies/benefits outside of the Murphy Center
  8. Career Closet:  Over 300 job seekers equipped with clothing, tools and footwear essential to their job or interview.
  9. Gear Room:  Over 450 guest transactions a month for essentials to help our guests deal with the elements, personal hygiene, transportation of personal belongings and more. 457 gear room guest transactions with a total value of $20,000 worth of coats, footwear, outdoor gear, and other in 2018.
  10. Morning Day Service:  Nearly 25,000 guest annually are provided a breakfast snack meal, warm and safe environment, coffee, and lots of space to talk, organize for the day, read, listen to music or access one of the Murphy Center’s many services

Agency Programs & Services 2018:

Bike Repair (Homeward Alliance/Murphy Center)  442 bike repairs

Benefits Enrollment (Homeward Alliance-Dedicated Navigators):  Completed 321 benefit applications resulting in more than $900,700 in potential annual benefits.

Employment Assistance (Homeward Alliance–Hand Up Program): 228 jobs secured with a 64% job-retention rate at six months post-hire and an average wage of $11.76 per hour.

Family Housing (Homeward Alliance–One Village One Family): Helped 10 families, including 26 children to secure sustainable housing and maintained a 100% one year housing retention rate.

Housing Assistance (Homeward Alliance–Housing First Initiative):  more than 50 guests assisted in preparing for, locating and securing affordable housing.

Housing Assistance (Neighbor to Neighbor): Served a total of 1,196 households, impacting 2,896individuals with more than $125,000 in Emergency Rent, First Month’s Rent and Security Deposit Assistance.

Parolee Assistance (Homeward Alliance–Re-Entry):  Provided case management to 109 parolees, 57 of whom obtained employment and 37 secured housing.

Rent Assistance (Neighbor to Neighbor & Homelessness Prevention Initiative):  Distributed $101,269 in emergency rent assistance, first month’s rent assistance and security deposit assistance.

Volunteerism 2018:

The MC is a highly volunteer-driven organization. Volunteers enhance our staff’s ability to provide effective, high-quality services for our guests. In 2017, we benefited from more than 17,000 hours of labor from over 1000 volunteers. When monetized, that is the equivalent to eight full-time staff members. and the dollar value (about $400,000) exceeds the entirety of the MC’s operating budget. As an organization, we tap into the diverse interests, skill sets, work backgrounds and life experiences of our community and provide potential volunteers with a wide range of opportunities to choose from: group or individual (including families) nighttime or daytime, behind the scenes or direct service, one-time or ongoing and opportunities both inside the MC or through events in our community, etc.

The MC provides core human services which our volunteers facilitate with staff oversight. Our volunteers perform or facilitate countless services, including: showers, lockers, bike repair, computers, phones, food pantry, career closet, gear room, mail, and laundry. Simply put, we could not offer the range of services, nor accommodate the volume of more than 40,000 annual guest visits, without our skilled volunteers.