Volunteers are very important part of our community collaborative at the Murphy Center.  We have on average 175 guest visits per day and 40,000 annually.  Volunteers help us to facilitate the efficiency with which guests can connect with core services like those listed below.  Our goal with every volunteer is to match your interests, skills, and time availability to meet the needs of the Murphy Center and more importantly to the helping the people that we serve.  In all cases you can volunteer on a regular basis or as your schedule permits.

Our volunteer opportunities fall into one of three categories:

  1. Volunteer at the Murphy Center
  2. Transportation Related (pick up donations)
  3. Volunteer from home (marketing, fundraising and promotion, social media, web design etc.)

Food Pantry:

Volunteers assemble “To Go” Meals and distribute them to our guests Monday through Friday.  This is a perfect “small group” activity for 4-6 people.

Morning Continental Breakfast Service:

Volunteers help to serve continental style breakfast items (breads, pastries, non perishable snacks, fruits, etc.) and coffee to serve nearly 100 guests a day M-F. This service is great for individuals or small groups.  Time commitment can vary from 8 AM to noon.

Gear Room:

Distribute outdoor gear & supplies to guests.  M, W, F 9 AM to 11:00.

Laundry Room:

Do the guest and facility laundry (shower towels). M-F  9-5

Donation Pickups:

Have a truck, SUV, or other vehicle with a bit of cargo room?   Help pick up donations around town from local businesses or deliver food boxes to families in need.  This is normally on call, as needed, and around your schedule.  Some donation picks are regular and on a set day and time.

Office Related Support:

If you have administrative skills or love data entry there are opportunities to help with guest check in and other office related tasks.  M-F 9-5

Benefits Application:

Help guests apply for benefits on line through Homeless Gear’s Dedicated Navigator Program.  M-W-F mornings.

Locker Room:

The on-site locker room contains 190 lockers for guests. Locker Room Volunteer provide guests with access to that room throughout the day and monitor the locker room while guests are inside.  M-F  9-5

Mail Sorting:

Many guests receive their mail at the Murphy Center. That mail is delivered each day. Mail Sorting Volunteers receive and sort mail, each day, for distribution to guests.  M-F  9-5

Marketing/Fundraising/Promotion From Home:

If you want to work from home totally on your schedule and enjoy working on the internet and through email, consider helping with product procurement, marketing, and fundraising.


The Murphy Center plants a garden each spring and if you have a green thumb or simply want to help outdoors, this might be the perfect volunteer activity for you.  M-F  9-5

What’s Your Skill or Interest?

Have an idea, skill or passion that you want to offer to the Murphy Center?  Come in and let’s talk!


Open M-F 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM               242 Conifer Street, Fort Collins, CO 80524

You must be 18 years old to volunteer at the Murphy Center for Hope.  Youth ages 12-17 may volunteer Monday through Friday afternoons 12-5 PM with adult supervision.

Breona Carroll, Volunteer & Events Coordinator

Phone: (970) 460-6155

Email:  Breona@HomewardAlliance.org

Visit www.MurphyCenter.org

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